June 30, 2012

Tommy Eyre was a dear friend and one of best musicians I ever worked with – but that’s not Tommy in this picture, as mentioned in Classic Rock Magazine recently. It’s Johnny Martin.

This was taken on our first ever trip to Germany to do a TV show in Baden-Baden. Johnny was known as “Bronzer” no “No Dab” which was the nickname given to a science teacher at my high school who had unruly hair around the “Brylcreem, a little dab’ll do ya” period… He stepped in for a few shows when Hugh was unwell. He had played, at one time, with Glasgow band the Poets.

Tommy and I worked together many times. Apart from SAHB, Greg Lake & Gary Moore, we had a band called Mr Gone with John Etheridge and Dill Katz. Fond memories indeed. “Delicious” as Tommy used to say.