How I joined: The Greg Lake & Gary Moore band was just coming to an end when I saw Chris Glen and Michael Schenker in the Funny Farm in Chalk Farm Road, London. Chris came up to me and said, “What are you doing at the moment?” I joined them at the bar and Michael said, “How would you like to play with MSG?” He told me Graham Bonnet would be singing. I thought, “Interesting… a band with an outstanding singer, an outstanding guitarist – and, of course, an outstanding rock rhythm section!” We went straight down to the band’s studio for a play. It must have been two or three in the morning, but the band had a 24-hour lockout so we called someone to open it for us. But because we’d been hammering the door to get in, the police turned up. Two officers: one older and a young chap who looked as if he’d had a bit of a beating earlier in the night, and was looking for an excuse to have a go at us. Fortunately the guy with the keys turned up to verify our story and let us in. Goodbye, nasty policeman! Cosy Powell’s kit was set up in the room; I felt a bit funny about playing it, but there was no option at that time. We played through a few riffs for the forthcoming Assault Attack album – and that was it. I’d joined.

What we achieved: I think the Assault attack album was the best thing I did with MSG and I’ve noticed, from posts on line, that there are quite a few of Michael’s fans that also think it was the best album he’s made.

What I remember: I’d heard from producer Martin Birch that Graham had a habit of recording his vocals naked. I found out he was right. During the Assault Attack sessions in the Château d’Hérouville, he’d finished his vocals for the day and joined the rest of the band who were getting pissed on our night off. By the shank of the evening – or morning in this case – I vividly remember executing a fireman’s lift on Graham and carrying him, naked, over my shoulder, up the stairs where I knocked the door then deposited him in bed beside his new Australian wife. She took it quite well, I thought. Love the Aussies!

What you should hear: Assault Attack, Desert Song and Broken Promises from the Assault Attack album.