Band of Friends

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012
It's been going from strength to strength – stay tuned... [more...]

Ian Gillan Band

Monday, July 9th, 1990
After playing a few tunes – including Smoke on the Water – we headed for the local and cemented the relationship… or was it plastered? [more...]

Michael Schenker Group

Wednesday, July 25th, 1984
I thought, "Interesting… a band with an outstanding singer, an outstanding guitarist – and, of course, an outstanding rock rhythm section!" [more...]

Greg Lake & Gary Moore

Tuesday, July 21st, 1981
I knew who Gary Moore was, but I didn't remember having heard him play. He looked quite cocky. I thought, "Okay, let's see what you can do, fella…" [more...]

Rory Gallagher

Tuesday, July 21st, 1981
My legs and arms gradually began to seize up, cramping due to lack of salt and at one point. I imagined being carried off, stiff, like a statue… [more...]

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band

Friday, September 23rd, 1977
Eight albums in five years! We always knew we were good but I don't think we realised at the time just how good… [more...]